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  • Loosening Up

    Loosening Up

    From time to time it’s helpful to use larger brushes than usual and really keep things nice and loose.

  • Foraging


    I really enjoyed painting my previous ape study – Snack Time – so I tracked down another great reference photo for this full body pose.

  • Cat Nap

    Cat Nap

    Lions have always fascinated me. They look so peaceful most of the time, just lying around in the sun. You feel like you could just go up to them and stroke them like a cat…

  • Snack Time

    Snack Time

    Sitting under the watchful gaze of paintings of great apes inspired me to create this small painting of an orangutan enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.

  • Tree Frog

    Tree Frog

    I had a week of painting animals last week. This cute little tree frog was one of them…

  • Giraffe


    I love giraffes. They’re so gangly and yet graceful at the same time. On a visit to South Africa in 2013, we stayed in a reserve where giraffes and zebras walked freely among the guest lodges…