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Lions have always fascinated me.

They look so peaceful most of the time, just lying around in the sun. You feel like you could just go up to them and stroke them like a cat.

I wouldn’t recommend it though, unless you are this guy.

When I was in South Africa a couple of years ago I went to a lion park where you could go in with the lion cubs, pick them up, stroke them etc. and even at around 2 months old they weren’t far off getting to the stage where they could do some serious damage.

Some friends we were with have also done a ‘lion trek’, where an experienced guide (with a very big gun) takes you on foot into the lion’s habitat to try and catch a glimpse of them in the wild.

I think I’ll stick to viewing them fromĀ the safety of an enclosed vehicle, and maybe next time I’ll invest in a better camera with a nice zoom lens. The referenceĀ for this painting is from Paint My Photo.

Here are some stages from the painting process:

The process of painting
The process of painting “Cat Nap”
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