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  • Some recent paintings

    Some recent paintings

    I’ve got into a bad habit of relying on Instagram for sharing new paintings, but I realise not everyone is on there, so I thought I’d share some recent work here…

  • The Self-Taught Myth

    Do you ever check an artist’s bio on their website or Instagram, and see the words ‘self-taught’? A lot of artists describe themselves this way (myself previously included). But more and more recently I’ve started questioning the term ‘self-taught artist’, at least when looking at my own artistic development.

  • Painting again, and Studio Clearance

    Painting again, and Studio Clearance

    Wow, almost a year since my last post here, and the end of the 100 heads challenge, during which I was solely working on my drawing skills. Almost immediately after that, I started painting again, and it’s been nice getting to grips with colour again.

  • 100 Heads Later

    100 Heads Later

    100 Heads Later

  • Getting to Grips with Charcoal

    Getting to Grips with Charcoal

    I always found charcoal a bit cumbersome and messy to work with. I used it for quick figure sketches sometimes, but never really felt like I could get very detailed with it. But after doing a few graphite drawings, I felt I was missing some of the expressive quality you get from painting, so I…

  • A few more graphite drawings

    A few more graphite drawings

    Since┬átaking the portrait drawing class last month, I’ve done a few more graphite drawings (click/tap to enlarge): I’ve had some fun with these, and enjoyed putting some new techniques to use, such as blending shadow areas with a paintbrush, and most importantly, keeping my pencils razor sharp! View this post on Instagram A post shared…