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  • Further adventures in watercolour and ink

    Further adventures in watercolour and ink

    In my last post I mentioned that I was experimenting with pen and ink and a bit of watercolour. Well I’m still enjoying it, and recently tried a few larger paintings using this technique.

  • Daily pen and ink sketching

    Daily pen and ink sketching

    I’ve been in a bit of a ‘painting funk’ for a while, lacking the motivation to do any painting for no apparent reason. I just don’t feel like it. This happens from time to time, and I find the best strategy is not to force it, and after a while the urge to paint tends…

  • Painting again, and Studio Clearance

    Painting again, and Studio Clearance

    Wow, almost a year since my last post here, and the end of the 100 heads challenge, during which I was solely working on my drawing skills. Almost immediately after that, I started painting again, and it’s been nice getting to grips with colour again.

  • How to Match Colours With Oil Paints (Video)

    How to Match Colours With Oil Paints (Video)

    A preview of a video from a painting course I’m working on.

  • Paddling 2

    Paddling 2

    A follow-up to my recent painting, Paddling.

  • Foraging


    I really enjoyed painting my previous ape study – Snack Time – so I tracked down another great reference photo for this full body pose.

  • Cat Nap

    Cat Nap

    Lions have always fascinated me. They look so peaceful most of the time, just lying around in the sun. You feel like you could just go up to them and stroke them like a cat…

  • Feed the Birds

    Feed the Birds

    My first attempt at this one was not the best, so I scraped it off. I’m learning to be less disappointed by these false starts as I know they are all part of the journey…

  • Sunset at Frognerseteren

    Sunset at Frognerseteren

    I recently spent a few nights in Olso, attending WordCamp Norway. The day after the conference, a big group of us took the train up the mountain to Frognerseteren, to go sledging…

  • Paddling


    Today’s painting is a self-portrait of sorts, given that the person in the painting is actually me…

  • The Distant Falcon

    The Distant Falcon

    The “Distant Falcon”, is the same windmill – De Valk – as in my previous Leiden painting.

  • The Falcon

    The Falcon

    I visited the city of Leiden in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2013, and on arriving, I looked out of my hotel room window, and the first thing I saw was this tall windmill poking out above the trees…

  • How to Find Painting Reference Photos Without Breaking the Law

    How to Find Painting Reference Photos Without Breaking the Law

    I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m out and about, especially when travelling abroad or in the countryside, I’ve always got one eye on my surroundings, looking for potential scenes to photograph for use as painting reference…

  • Kingfisher


    A friend of mine, Rick, posts beautiful photos of Kingfishers on his Instagram feed. Seeing all those colourful birds inspired me to try and capture that beauty in a painting.

  • Tree Frog

    Tree Frog

    I had a week of painting animals last week. This cute little tree frog was one of them…