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  • Painting with the Zorn Palette

    Painting with the Zorn Palette

    Every so often I like to experiment with a limited palette, and the Zorn palette (or Apelles palette if you insist), is probably the best known, and one that’s always fun to come back to. I feel like I have a better grasp of it with every painting I use it for.

  • Learning to Draw (again)

    Learning to Draw (again)

    I’ve been working on portraits again recently, after focusing mainly on landscapes for a year or two (I find landscapes to be much less challenging when you’re still getting to grips with how to paint in oils), and what I’ve found is that by far the most important and most difficult aspect of a portrait is…

  • My Strange Cyclical Painting Habit

    So after painting almost daily for several weeks, it has now been around 2 months since I picked up a paintbrush! I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just the way I operate. I get engrossed in something for a few weeks or months, then I lose focus and take a break for a few…

  • Where to Buy Drawing Reference Plaster Casts in the UK

    Where to Buy Drawing Reference Plaster Casts in the UK

    Finding plaster drawing casts in the UK can be challenging. I’ve rounded up all the suppliers I know of along with some online alternatives.