Further adventures in watercolour and ink

In my last post I mentioned that I was experimenting with pen and ink and a bit of watercolour. Well I’m still enjoying it, and recently tried a few larger paintings using this technique.

Here’s my first attempt, which is still more of a sketch, from a photo I took at the Ming Dynasty Tombs in Beijing about 15 years ago!

After getting some better paper and brushes, I tackled this little cottage I came across on a holiday in Portugal, on the small isle of Armona.

And finally, another scene from my time in China. This is part of the Great Wall at Badaling, near Beijing.

I’ve made those last two available by auction on DailyPaintworks, starting at just £5 each! No bids at the time of writing, so you could grab yourself a bargain!

I’m still enjoying this new medium, so look out for more soon!





2 responses to “Further adventures in watercolour and ink”

  1. Richard Archambault Avatar
    Richard Archambault

    Very nice, as usual, Dan! My son said “Damn!” when he saw them.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Thanks! I hope you told him to mind his language! 😉

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