Monkey Island: The Treasure

Here’s the third and final painting in my Monkey Island series.

This one is based on the treasure hunting trial, which sees Guybrush Threepwood searching for the treasure of Mêlée Island.

The Treasure

The Treasure oil painting by Dan Johnson
The Treasure by Dan Johnson – Oils on panel – 24 x 18″

Prints now available for pre-order:

I had a lot of fun painting this series over the past few months. Maybe I’ll do more Monkey Island scenes in future. What would you like to see?

Quite a few people have asked about buying prints, and the originals. I’m going to look into getting the paintings properly photographed so I can get some prints made. Prints are now available for pre-order. The originals are not for sale at the moment but may be at some point. Make sure you’re subscribed here or following me on Instagram so you don’t miss any announcements about that.

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