Monkey Island: The Idol

This is the second of three paitings based on the game The Secret of Monkey Island.

In this scene, Guybrush has stolen the Idol of Many Hands from the governor’s mansion, completing the thievery segment of The Three Trials, but he has been caught by Sheriff Fester Shinetop and thrown off a jetty into the water, with the fabulous idol tied to his leg.

There are several sharp objects in the water that he could use to cut himself free, but they are all out of reach.

Fortunately Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes, but if he doesn’t find a way to escape soon, he’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

The Idol

The Idol oil painting by Dan Johnson
The Idol by Dan Johnson – Oils on panel – 24 x 18″

Prints now available for pre-order:

Stay tuned for the final painting in this series.





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  1. Joen Avatar

    Beautiful work, Dan! ?

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