Teachers of a Self-Guided Artist: Carol Marine

This is the third in a series of portraits called Teachers of a Self-Guided Artist. Check out the intro post The Self-Taught Myth to read more about it.

In early 2015, I was struggling with procrastination, often going weeks or months between paintings because I felt some sense of pressure around starting something new, and worried that every attempt had to turn out perfect.

Out of the blue, a book came up in my Amazon recommendations – Daily Painting by Carol Marine. I liked the look of it, so I bought it, and over the following three weeks I completed thirteen paintings!

Who is Carol Marine?

Carol is an artist from Texas. After studying art in university, she was struggling with the process of creating giant paintings, and not making any money from them, despite being shown in seven galleries. After adopting her son, she didn’t have much time to paint, until a friend sent her an article about daily painting. Carol started painting every day during her son’s nap time, and has created (and sold!) a painting pretty much every day since!

She has taught many painting workshops around North America, and along with her husband, she founded the website http://www.dailypaintworks.com/ where artists can post and sell their artwork.

Read Carol’s artist bio.

Learning from Carol

The most important things I’ve learnt from Carol, are related to the mindset of daily painting rather than actual painting technique (although there’s some of that too!)

Paintings don’t have to be huge. They don’t have to take a long time to make. You call sell your paintings online, directly to the buyer. Your paintings don’t have to be perfect…

I actually wrote a blog post not long after buying Carol’s book, describing 6 things I learnt from Daily Painting, so I’ll let you read that rather than going over it again here.

I also learnt some great painting techniques from the book. Carol’s concept of ‘islands and oceans’ is a really useful way of figuring out what order to paint things in to keep your colours fresh and protect the most vulnerable parts of a painting.

And if books aren’t your thing, Carol also has a great series of ‘ArtByte’ tutorials available, many with demo videos showing her technique, as well as tips on subjects like shipping art, and photographing paintings. Several of these ArtBytes are free, the rest are $10 – $15 each.

Thank you, Carol, for pretty much curing my painting procrastination problem, and for helping me to sell more paintings than ever before through my Daily Paintworks gallery.

Here’s my portrait of Carol. Oils on 9×12″ panel:

Carol Marine by Dan Johnson – 2020

Learn from Carol

Carol isn’t teaching any workshops for the foreseeable future, but you can still learn plenty from her ArtByte tutorials and her book, Daily Painting.





4 responses to “Teachers of a Self-Guided Artist: Carol Marine”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Carol Marine has inspired so many artists, myself included!! Glad to discover your art and writing, wonderful painting!!

    1. Dan Avatar

      Thank you, Diane!

  2. Karen Avatar

    I love this SO much! You captured my bestie perfectly. Even including her dragonfly tattoo. So beautiful!

    1. Dan Avatar

      Thanks Karen. Glad to hear I did her justice!

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