Getting to Grips with Charcoal

I always found charcoal a bit cumbersome and messy to work with. I used it for quick figure sketches sometimes, but never really felt like I could get very detailed with it.

But after doing a few graphite drawings, I felt I was missing some of the expressive quality you get from painting, so I decided to give charcoal another go.

It’s taken a while, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it and look forward to exploring it in more depth. I love the range of values you can get from using charcoal and white pencil on grey paper.

Here are a few of my recent charcoal sketches:

I’m not posting here too often, so if you want to see new sketches as I do them, and see some of the step by step process shots, make sure you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter (or both!)

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