My Strange Cyclical Painting Habit

So after painting almost daily for several weeks, it has now been around 2 months since I picked up a paintbrush!

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just the way I operate. I get engrossed in something for a few weeks or months, then I lose focus and take a break for a few weeks.

It’s not just painting, it happens the same with other things – playing the guitar, reading, blogging. I’ll get into it for a while and then lose interest for a while.

I don’t think it’s a problem. Perhaps it would be if I was relying on any of these things to earn a living. Maybe that’s why I’m not!

Anyway, I can feel the urge to paint resurfacing, so it seems I may be approaching the start of a new painting cycle! Stay tuned.






  1. Roxanne Avatar

    I’m exactly the same, I think it’s a natural part of being an artist. Even those who do rely on it yo make a living go through dry patches when their work I’d forced. I have never been able to produce art on demand, it has to be inspired and done at the right time for me

  2. joshua Avatar

    I struggle with this as well but being broke right now is really motivational lol

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