Month: March 2015

The Distant Falcon by Dan Johnson

The Distant Falcon

The “Distant Falcon”, is the same windmill – De Valk – as in my previous Leiden painting.

The Falcon by Dan Johnson

The Falcon

I visited the city of Leiden in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2013, and on arriving, I looked out of my hotel room window, and the first thing I saw was this tall windmill poking out above the trees…


A friend of mine, Rick, posts beautiful photos of Kingfishers on his Instagram feed. Seeing all those colourful birds inspired me to try and capture that beauty in a painting.

Tree Frog by Dan Johnson

Tree Frog

I had a week of painting animals last week. This cute little tree frog was one of them…

Giraffe by Dan Johnson


I love giraffes. They’re so gangly and yet graceful at the same time. On a visit to South Africa in 2013, we stayed in a reserve where giraffes and zebras walked freely among the guest lodges…

"Avo" by Dan Johnson

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