Last paintings of 2014

Here are a couple of oil studies I’ve done over the past week (it helps being off work!)

Beach Study


I forget the name of this beach in South Africa, but it was a fun one to paint. The rocks were tricky on this one. I tried to stick to two planes for each shape, a light plane and an shodow plane, but added some colour variation in the shadows too. The light area on the left of the painting is a pebbled area of the beach, but I don’t think it works too well, so I’d probably just continue the sand further up the beach if I painted it again.

God’s Window


Another scene from South Africa (they have some great views!)

This is “God’s Window”, a lookout point which overlooks these receding hills/mountains. This was a great exercise in atmospheric perspective, where the value and saturation of the land is reduced which each plane of depth.

Notice how the difference between the steps is also reduced the further you go back. The difference in value between the very dark foreground plane, and the next hill, is much greater than the difference between the two most distant hills.

Happy New Year!

Well that’s it for 2014. Here’s to a lot more painting in 2015. I hope you all have a great new year!






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