Looking back on the daily blogging challenge

Well, I did it. I completed the challenge.

I managed to publish a 250+ word blog post every day for the last 31 days!

You can review them all here if you’re so inclined 🙂

How did it go?

Overall, pretty good. There were a few times when I got to about 9pm and hadn’t started a post, so I had to throw something together pretty quickly, but in general I was pretty happy with the quality of the posts.

I also did the whole thing without scheduling any posts for the future (except for this one, which I wrote yesterday!) I was able to do that because I didn’t have any other major commitments. If I’d been travelling or something, I probably would have had to do more advance planning.


It was definitely challenging thinking of post topics every single day, and it’s probably not sustainable for me long term.

It did get me painting more. I knew I needed something to write about, and the best way to get that was to paint and write about it.

However, there were times I wanted to continue painting but I couldn’t because I had to write a post to stick to the challenge. I think if I published regularly, but less often, I’d probably get even more painting done.

It also got me thinking more about my painting process. Knowing you have to write about what you’re doing forces you to focus on what you’re doing. I’m not sure yet whether this is a good thing or not, but I think it has helped me in some way.

Future plans

There’s no way I could keep up daily blog posts for much longer, but I do plan to continue blogging regularly. I think I’ve developed a bit of a blogging habit, and I enjoy hitting publish on a new post.

Being realistic, I’m going to aim to publish at least one post a week from now on, ideally two.

What I do want to do is more painting. If I paint more, then I’ll naturally have more to blog about, so I’m setting myself a system goal, to make time for at least one 2+ hours painting session per week (plus whatever else I can fit in).

I’m not saying x amount of paintings, just putting the time in to practice, and trusting that the results will follow.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts for the last month. Maybe you’re just relieved that it’s all over! Anyway, this will be the last post for now, but expect another one within the next week 🙂

Merry Christmas!





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