The pain of starting over

I just spent about an hour blocking in a painting, only to find it wasn’t going well and not looking how it should, so in the end I felt my only option was to abandon the painting completely. I ended up wiping the paint off with a paper towel and going back to square one.

This happens occasionally. It’s usually due to bad planning, rushing the painting, or just not being in the right mood, maybe feeling distracted or under pressure. Rather than spending hours wrestling with the painting to try and salvage it, it’s sometimes wiser to give it up as a bad job and move on.

Yeah it’s frustrating, it feels like wasted time, and makes you wonder if you’re just not good enough (or ever will be). It can be very disheartening to spend time on something and not produce an end result.

What’s important is to be proactive. The only way to improve is to keep trying. I know I can produce a decent painting if I put my mind to it, and the fact that this rarely happens tells me that it’s nothing to do with how good I am, I was just having a bad day.

I’m not sure if I’ll attempt the same painting again, I think it may have been slightly too ambitious. But I need to get back on the horse as soon as possible and do something I can be happy with.

I’d love to know if you ever have days like this, and what strategies you use to get back on track. Let me know in the comments.

Onward and upward!





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