More recent paintings

I’m pleased to say I’m still keeping up a decent amount of painting, and also starting to feel more confident with oils. I’m getting more comfortable with mixing colours correctly and getting better at keeping my brush strokes nice and loose.

Tip of the day: You don’t really need to buy black paint, and you can get a much richer black by mixing it from other colours. You need two dark colours that are complements of each other. None of the paintings below contain any ‘black’ pigment. The black of the gorilla’s fur is a mixture of Ultramarine Blue Deep and Burnt Umber (brown), in roughly equal parts. (Brown is really a dark orange, and orange is the complement of blue). To make a warmer black you can use more brown, and to make a cooler black you can use more blue. You can also get a different kind of black by mixing Viridian (green) and Alizarin Crimson (red). Experiment with different black mixtures and you’ll never want to use your Ivory Black pigment again!

Here are some sketches from the last few weeks. All oil on textured paper. Click the images for a closer look.






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