Looking Back Along Your Artistic Timeline

I’ve written before about how it’s good practice to look back at your old artwork, to see how much you’ve improved and hopefully give yourself an inspiration boost.

I saw a great idea recently on artbizblog.com which suggests posting significant milestones from your art career on your Facebook timeline.

I started doing this on my own Facebook timeline (use the date navigation on the right to ‘go back in time’). So far I’ve posted my first painting, my first artist website, and the other day I posted my first ever proper portrait attempt, a pencil sketch of Eddie Izzard that I did when I was about 14.

This was a great opportunity to compare the portraits I was doing then, to where I am now, around 18 years later:

Dan Johnson Art Comparison
18 years of practice

I’d love to see more examples of this on other artists’ Facebook timelines. If you have a timeline for your art, post a few early milestones, and then leave a comment below with a link to your page so I can check it out.

Draw My Face is back!

In other news, I have decided to create a separate website for my commissioned portraits, pet portraits and baby portraits. I decided to make use of my old domain name, so you can now find my commissioned portraits at www.drawmyface.co.uk

The site has an integrated shop, so it’s now much easier to order your portraits, and all digital paintings now come printed on canvas as standard.

There’s a launch sale going on at the moment, but for you loyal blog readers, I’d also like to offer you a further 20% off any order placed before the end of April 2012. Just use the coupon code BLOG20 in your shopping cart to claim the discount.

Check out what’s on offer now at www.drawmyface.co.uk







  1. Emma Avatar

    Wow, the difference between your 1994 and 2012 artwork is amazing! It is proof that hard work, training and not a small degree of natural talent go a long way! This is really inspiring.

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