Where to Buy Drawing Reference Plaster Casts in the UK

One disadvantage of studying art online, is that as well as buying all of your regular art supplies such as paints, canvases etc, you also have to buy the reference material that would normally be provided by an art school.

One thing that I’ve found most difficult to find at a reasonable price is plaster casts, which are commonly used in art ateliers for drawing practice.

Example of a drawing cast

The course I’m doing lists several sources of plaster casts, but since it’s based in America, most of the sources are US based, and the cost of shipping a heavy across the Atlantic can almost double the cost of some casts.

I spent a long time on Google scouring the UK for any suppliers who might be able to provide me with a plaster cast for a reasonable price. I only found three suppliers based in the UK, but there is a German supplier who is very reasonable, and there are some online alternatives which you might consider.

Here’s my roundup of the suppliers I found, as well as the American ones, which you may consider if you have the budget for it.

Plaster Cast Suppliers


London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) – LARA have a variety of different sized casts, busts and reliefs, ranging from £45 for facial features to £195 for full torso casts. The casts are not listed on their website, but I emailed the school and they sent me photos of what they had available, and they look like they are great quality.

Lavender Hill Studios – Lavender Hill have a large selection on their website, but when I emailed, they only had five available, ranging from £120 to £285, and the quality of the casts didn’t look as good as the ones from LARA. Worth emailing for details though.

Plaster Cast Interiors – There’s a wide range of weird and wonderful plaster casts available here. Not so many classical art type casts, but you might find something suitable and the prices are very reasonable. Make sure you order the plain white finish.


Cast-Drawing.com – Based in Germany, this is where I ordered my first cast from, due to the very low price. They also sell Nitram charcoal, which is supposedly one of the best kinds you can get, and it’s also very reasonable. Casts range from just 7 Euros to 23 Euros. The female torso doesn’t look amazing, but it would definitely work for cast drawing practice.


There’s a lot more to choose from in the US, you just need to watch out for the shipping costs.

Giust Gallery – These are great quality casts, and a great selection, where you can pay anything from $15 to over $4000, depending on your needs.

Philippe Faraut – These are also very nice casts, although the selection is more limited. I intend to buy either the male or female torso at some point, although the shipping cost is almost as much as the casts themselves.

Statue.com – A wide selection here at a variety of price points.

Utrecht – A small selection here, but what they do have looks like good quality and the prices are reasonable.

Fine Art Store – Another alternative, with some reasonably priced casts.

Online Alternatives

If you’re on a really tight budget and can’t afford any of the casts from these suppliers, you might want to look into online photo references.

This is definitely not ideal, as photos can’t portray the subtleties of real life, and some information will be lost, but if this is all you can afford, then it’s better than nothing.

Online Life Drawing now has cast drawing reference images, which you can view from all angles, giving you many different poses to draw from. A 2-day pass is just $5, but currently the cast drawing selection seems limited. Might be worth emailing them to see what they have available.

EnsoMobile is an iPhone app which also features 360 degree plaster cast images. The apps are only $0.99 each, so this is a very affordable option.

Learning Cast Drawing

If you want to learn how to do cast drawing, there is a great book called Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach, which has been a big help to me.

I hope this has been of some use in your search for drawing casts. If you know of any other good sources which I have missed, especially in the UK, please let us know about it in the comments below.






  1. Bjoern Avatar

    Hello Dan!

    Very interesting and thank you for linking to my website!
    I had the same trouble while looking for affordable drawing casts so I decided to make my own. Then I decided to make it available for others with a low budget so that´s why I created http://www.cast-drawing.com

    Best regards

    1. Dan Avatar

      No problem Bjoern, and thanks for the cast and charcoal!

    2. mark Avatar

      Hi Bjorn. Just been onto your website. Book marked it as its very good. But do you or are you planning to have more cast options. In particular life sized busts?

    3. Anthony martin Avatar
      Anthony martin

      Bjorn would it be possible to email me a copy of your plaster cast catalogue.Thank you regards Anthony

  2. Gary Avatar

    Thank you so much Dan – as a disabled artists I have constantly found it difficult not only to get to life groups but also to buy affordable cast in the UK in order to keep ones hand in.

  3. Mick Avatar

    I am having the same problem but I have booked a few days in Malaga to look at at the Decorar con Arte shop ( check it out on Google) the bonus is I can go to the Picasso Museum.
    On Saturday last I bought a bust of the Apollo Belvedere in Enfield, North London that is 53 centimeters high that cost £118.00. The one I bought was one of three identical ones in the shop window.

  4. Harry Warren Avatar
    Harry Warren

    If you buy from the USA, you might well get stuck with a customs charge on top of the high postage charge. They’ve been holding mail recently until I pay them 20% VAT on the value of the goods, plus an £8 ‘handling charge’ for Royal Mail!

  5. sec Avatar

    why do you make you own casts? I am studying level 4 art at college and we are making our own casts to draw from and adorn. Just use mod-rock to create a cast and then when its dry pour paster into it… or did I miss understand what you was trying to do?

  6. Tony Avatar

    Thank you for the useful information, Dan and others.
    I’m from Spain and I will be visiting London this Easter. I Think I’ll follow your advice and try LARA, which seems like a very solid choice as well as an interesting atelier-type school.
    If you ever go to Madrid, there’s La Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, they have a huge catalogue of plaster casts of all kinds and sizes. They are a bit pricey but of excellent quality, far better than the ones from the Decorar con Arte shop.
    I leave you a link to the page you can download their catalogue from (92 M):

  7. EnsoMobile Avatar

    Hi Dan!

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post!

    Just wanted to let you and your readers know that we just released a new iPad App – Cast Drawing the Head.



  8. David Avatar

    All very useful. I am looking for a plastercast of Caffieri’s Le Fleuve or River God. The Louvre used to make copies so there must be plenty about. Any ideas?

  9. Artur Avatar

    If you need high quality plaster casts made by skilled italian moldmakers visit http://www.felicecalchi.com they have the best collection and a lot of reference drawing cast and a great collection of anatomical studies for art class and artist studio.

  10. Lucy, on behalf of LARA Avatar

    Thank you for including us in this post Dan! As mentioned our casts are high quality and good value for money. We can email out our catalogue but equally we welcome studio visits. It may be of interest that yearly we run a five day Cast Drawing Workshop (catering for beginner to advanced students) and that our Easter and Summer Schools feature 15-30 hours of cast drawing.

  11. Nathan Kirill Avatar
    Nathan Kirill

    Thank you so much for compiling this resource! It is extremely helpful and you have really saved me a lot of time. Wishing you the very best.

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