The Old Art Blog, Without the Art!

When I rebuilt this site, I decided to draw a line under my old blog, and start afresh. I feel like I’m at a turning point with my art, in terms of what I want to focus on. The old blog was mainly about my adventures in caricature, but now I feel like that’s not something I want to do any more, at least not as a priority. I spend much more time now studying classical drawing and painting techniques, so that is what my new blog will focus on.

As such, I have archived all of my old blog posts, dating back to 2005, and they can now be seen at

However, somewhere along the line, I evidently forgot to back up the images directory, and so all the images from the blog have disappeared.

So it’s very much a text-based experience, but I figure it may still be of value to some people. If you are particularly interested to see a certain image, let me know and I can probably dig it out from the depths of my hard drive.

As for this blog, not many updates recently I know. I’ve been very busy with other things, but I do intent to get the paints out again very soon, so watch this space.






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